Monday, December 12, 2011

SO Much to Do, So Little Time!

I feel like I am so behind on my Christmas shopping this year.  I still have quite a few things I need to get.  I won't be able to get away without the kids until at least the weekend.  I don't like waiting until the last minute because I really dislike crowds and parking lots around the holidays.  What a mess.

I was lucky enough to score the thing LaLa most wanted this year.  Actually, it was pretty much the only thing she wanted.  When pressed for more things, she filled the list with things like apples, apples for my doll, food for my doll... You get the point.  I'm not sure how pleasant Christmas would have been if she didn't get it.

Noodle on the other hand, changes her mind every other day on what she wants.  Luckily, the top few pretty much stay the same.  She is basically set.  I just need to pick up a few odds and ends for her.

Noodle's list was also significantly more expensive.  Please note, she did not get everything on it, not even close.  I thought we were a few years away from super expensive Christmas lists.  Boy, was I wrong!

What is on your kids' lists this year?

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