Thursday, September 12, 2013

Angel Chicken - YUM!

Way back when, I pinned a recipe for Angel Chicken on my pinterest boards.  I finally got around to trying it last week.  Boy, am I sorry I waited!  It was SO good!

As usual, I made way too much.  I pretty much always make enough to feed 3+ families.  It must be my Italian upbringing.  We didn't have enough spaghetti left to have it again as leftovers so we tried something different.  We made quesadillas!  Yep, I just plopped it on some tortilla shells, spread it around and sprinkled some cheddar cheese on it.  It was delicious!!

Sorry for the crappy cell phone picture, I had to grab a photo quickly before they were gone!

We also had it for lunch - we just rolled it up in some tortilla shells with some lettuce and BAM!  Angel Chicken Wraps. 

Once there wasn't enough left for more than one of us to have - we warmed it up and used it as a dip.  That's right.  DIP!  We dipped tortilla chips and Fritos in it.  This was pretty tasty and I'll have to remember this next time I have to take something to a pot luck. 

Needless to say, this recipe was a HUGE hit in our house.  Everyone loved it and the kids have already asked me to make it again.

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